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Hartwell Golf Course is open to the public, however, membership has its privileges.  You already know we're the best value in the area. Now become a member for even more benefits.  We have several classes of membership available based on your needs.

Membership Rates:

Class II

$75.00 per month + $14.00 cart fee for 18 Holes

Class III - Family Membership

$105.00 per month + $14.00 cart fee per 18 holes

Class IV 

$175.00 per month with NO cart fees or green fees

All members have the option of using their own personal carts.  Cart Storage is available for $49/month for gas carts and $54/month for electric carts.  There is a trail fee of $30/month for this service.

All memberships are 12 month contracts.  If you need to cancel, there may be cancellation fees and reinstatement fees.

"The Best Value in Golf located in Hartwell, Georgia"



Trenton C.

Great course and great staff! Got back in the game after nearly 20 years and 'call' Hartwell Golf Club my home. Quick drive from Lavonia, GA. Great rates too.

Luther T.

Friendly staff. Good facilities. Great place for my son and I to play and learn.

Johnny T.

I actually went there for my daughter's track meet. I loved the way the place was laid out and I highly desire a opportunity to play the course maybe even more.  Hopefully a invite or opportunity will come soon. 

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